The nature break

What do you do when you feel stressed and disconnected?

Usually when we are feeling this way, the last thing we want to do is stop and meditate in a quiet room. The thought of being completely still and hoping our thoughts don’t arise, often seems too much and unbearable.

Instead, why don’t you try this?

We hear this a lot “nature is medicine” but have you recently tried being in nature when you feel stressed or disconnected?

1. Go meet nature

This is the hardest step of all. Stepping away from the computer, the TV, the space you are indoors where you feel stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected.

Find a convenient spot outdoors. It doesn't have to be far. This could be your backyard, your local park or a walking track. Wherever you go, explore nature with curiosity.

2. Be open to curiosity

See every rock, tree and piece of grass as if it’s the first time you’ve ever looked at it before. Feel free to touch and feel the different textures.

If that feels good, take your shoes off and feel the different surface under your feet. Observe if you feel any calmer.

3. Tune in to what you can hear

Depending on how you feel, continue to walk or perhaps stop and sit. Close your eyes and observe the sounds that surround you. Try to not stay focused on one sound. Listen to the sounds near by but also be aware of the more subtle sounds. The sound of your breath, the wind, or movement of a leaf.

Slowly open your eyes and observe if you feel any calmer? It’s amazing how much easier it is to switch off when you’re brought to life by the sounds of nature.

Feel free to check out this walking meditation. Next time you're out in nature.

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