8 Essentials for Yoga Home

When you first start doing yoga, it's hard to know what you really need to buy. There is a grave temptation to go out and buy the latest yoga clothing and equipment but to be honest there is very few things you need.

Below are my top yoga essentials.

1. Yoga Mat - Yoga Everywhere

If you only buy one thing, make sure it's a good yoga mat. The mat helps define your personal space and creates traction for your hands and feet so you don't slip. I have owned a few different mats but personally love YogaEverywhere they are an all one premium yoga mat and towel. Designed for a sweaty practice with its microsuede layer on top and 100% natural tree rubber base. The base is also the perfect amount of cushioning on the hard floor.

2. Comfortable leggings - Wolven Threads

You want comfortable, breathable leggings that are easy to move in. My go to leggings are Wolven Threads. They are vibrant, colourful leggings inspired by the colors of Indian art, celebration and the roots of yoga. The best thing about them is they sustainably made from post-consumer plastic.

3. A yoga block or two - Kmart

Beginner or experienced Yogi, you always want to have a block or two available. Blocks are great for lifting your hips in meditation, helping to improve alignment in difficult poses, supporting restorative poses or simply aiding in touching the ground. The best thing about Kmart blocks are they are relatively affordable, especially Kmarts block and strap combo for $5.50.

4. Yoga strap - Celsius

Yoga strap provides safe and secure support to those deeper asanas. It is a perfect aid to make harder yoga poses easier to access. Celsius multi-functional strap is made from a soft cotton material, this yoga strap is comfortable and easy to hold during your stretches.

5. Eye Pillow - Tonic

Eye Pillows are a great aid for meditating, savasana or relaxing after a long day. The weight and the natural aromatic benefits of lavender flowers are great for calming the nervous system. I love the Tonic eye pillows, they are filled with a mixture of locally sourced flaxseed and lavender. 100% cotton front and satin back.

6. Second Skin Crop - Running Bare

Having a proper-fitting, snug but not too tight, crop top is key to the enjoyment of yoga. My go to is Running Bare's crop. A premium lightweight microlite frabic that provides a supportive and breathable workout.

7. Awaken your senses - Satya Californian White Sage

The mat may define your personal space but burning incense stimulates a new level of focus, relaxation, and positive energy to your session. Satya Californian White Sage is an awakening and calming scent that will keep you grounded in the space.

8. Cup of Calming Team - Pukka Organic Tea

Nothing is more rewarding than a warm cup of tea after your yoga practice. The Pukka Organic teas are like a cup of sunshine. My favourite is the Three Cinnamon. A spicy sweet heat.

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