5 Healthy Habits for Isolation

Routines have recently been turned on their head. Your routine of going to work 5 days a week, gym and socialising are now not possible. As we manage the current climate and situation, it's important we have healthy habits in place to keep us motivated and our mindset positive.

1. Set a Daily Routine

Working from home, you could be tempted to sleep in and stay up late. Even though you have nowhere to be, set your alarm for the same time Monday to Friday and run throuhg a morning routine just like you would if you were going to work. Use the travel time to focus on movement and mindfulness.

2. Dress to For the Day

Working from home doesn’t mean working in your pyjamas. Shower and get dressed like you would in an office job. Whilst this may mean wearing active wear. It's important you take the time to consider what you're wearing and make the effort. What you wear can influencer your mood.

3. Set Working Hours

Decide on what your working hours will be, and stick to them! At a time when you're so digital connected boundaries are key. Inspire to start and finish your working day at the same time every day. Put reminders in your calendar for the beginning, middle and end of your day. This is a great way of reminding yourself of your boundaries.

4. Create a Workspace

Find a space within your home for work. Confining it to one area will help you with boundaries and create an inviting space for you to focus on the work at hand. Plants, natural light and comfortable chairs or standing desks are highly encouraged

5. Leave your Workspace

Working from home you can fall into the trap of never leaving your workspace. Make sure you get some fresh air. It’s unhealthy to stay at home all day, would wouldn't do this at work. Every couple of hours to take a work break and leave your dedicated workspace.

Take your lunch break out of the house too. Even if you make food at home, pack it up and eat it outside to take a step away from your desk for a change of scenery.

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